Procedures for Pet Adoptions - Jaron's Lhasas ROM

We breed fairly occasionally with the purpose of getting a new show puppy. Of course, usually there are several in a litter.
Since we do breed so seldom and maintain a minimum of dogs (5 or less), we put an inordinate amount of thought and research into
the animals we select to be mated. Again, our sole purpose for breeding is with the primary goal of producing that next star of the show ring.

We announce on our news page ( when the puppies arrive; what the genders are; what may be available;
when deposits will be accepted and the "first photo" of the pups. Most of the time we will not begin accepting deposits ($100 non-refundable)
until the puppies reach the age of 2 weeks. An accepted deposit along with a signed copy of our adoption agreement will hold the gender of your choice.
We can not assign particular puppies until our selections has been made.

Sample Pet Contract

Show contract is available upon request.