Behind Our Champions

Jaron's Lhasas attributes the T-Ritz/Chryslan and Vir-Lyn lines as our foundation.
These lines were primarily based on the old Orlane/Ruffway "Sparky" lines.
Our foundation dogs Abbie, Hank and Camelot were heavily line bred on
CH Orlane's Inimitable ROM**** "Rotten"(right)and his half brother, "Danny"(left)
Best In Show American/English CH Orlane's Intrepid ROM***.
Danny and Rotten were bred by Dorothy Joan Kendall of the most prestigious Orlane Lhasas ROM
and were sired by Best In Show CH Windsong's Gusto of Innsbrook ROM**.
Both boys were grandsons of "Sparky"
Best In Show CH Everglo Spark of Gold ROM****
to which many Lhasas are still compared today.
The Orlane tradition continues through Dorothy's daughter Linda Smith.

CH Orlane's Prince of Chryslan ROM*

A Rotten and Danny grandson, "Prince" was also bred by Dorothy Kendall and owned by Gaylan and Thelma Moffett (T-Ritz).
He was the sire of CH Ardy's Sassy Frass and the grandsire of CH T-Ritz That's Ardy's Abigale ROM.

Multiple Group Winning CH Samara's Koko Nor of Knolwood

"Buster" - was a Sparky grandson bred by Sami Payne
out of BIS CH Ruffway Mashaka ROM x CH Brush's Abbi of Samara ROM.
He was the grandsire of CH Vir-Lyn Phoenix Rising ROM
and was owned by Linda Candiano and Virginia Claflin, handled by Clay Williams.

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CH Orlane's Red Knight of T-Ritz ROM

"Vincent" - bred by Dr. Cathy Marley & Dorothy Joan Kendall was an outcross breeding out of
CH Kai-La-Sha Roses are Red (Hamilton lines) bred to CH Orlane's Shot in the Dark ROM (Danny grandson).
Vincent with his litter sister CH Orlane's T-Ritz Winks and Wishz
were owned and handled by Gaylan and Thelma Moffet
Vincent was the sire of Group Winning CH T-Ritz Knights Armor "Rastus"
and his littersister "Trudy" Ardy's Truth or Dare (pointed), granddam of CH Ardy's Frankly Franchesca.

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Our Foundation Dogs

Champion Camelot Royale ROM* - "Camelot" was a Danny grandson out of
Chryslan's Lai Dei Gwenevere ROM x CH Light Up's Red Alert ROM*****
(the top producing lhasa in AKC history).
He lived with us for several years giving us CH Ardy's Frankly Franchesca and Jaron's RD Mister-E
(sire of CH Jaron's RD Jazzmyn and CH Jaron's RD Gideon Wai Tu Keih)
before returning home to his breeder Sabrina Harper - Royale Lhasas.

Champion Vir-Lyn Phoenix Rising ROM - "Hank" - was a Rotten grandson out of
Vir-Lyn Mark of the Dragon (major pointed) x Vir-Lyn Prime Time Special
Bred by Linda Candiano and Virginia Claflin.

He was the sire of CH Vir-Lyn's Sassy Lane (x Royale's Tiffany Tu) the foundation of
Sassy Lane Kennel owned by Barbara and Tom Landes in Kilgore, Texas.
Sassy had already proven herself as a champion producer having two champions of her own.
Hank's second champion was Multiple Group Placing CH Sassy Lane's Artic Ardy
ranked #25 in the nation for 1999.

Hank's other champions include:
Multiple Breed Winning CH Jaron's Choctaw Claire Voyant,
MBW AmCH/MGW U-CH Jaron's Tham-B Xiang Xai and
AmCH/U-CH Jaron's Choctaw Pahr-T Dahl ROM*.

Our First Show Dog

Champion T-Ritz That's Ardy's Abigale ROM


by Juell's The Write Stuff(major pointed) x CH Chryslan's Vanity Fair

All Lhasas possessing the our kennel names: Ardy's & Jaron are down from Abby.
While there are a vast number of Lhasas descended from Abigale in the US and abroad,
the following is a list bred or co-bred by us:

Her Children:

BIG CH T-Ritz Knight's Armor

CH Sassy Lane's Artic Ardy ROM

CH Jaron's RD Jazzmyn

Her Grandchildren:

AmCH/rBIS U-CH Jaron's Tham-B Joe Six Pack

AmCH/U-CH Jaron's Choctaw Pahr-T Dahl ROM*

CH Jaron's Roma-Jo Raa-Z M'Taz

AmCH GCH/GW AustCH/BIG Int'l CH/MGW U-CH Jaron's Monogram Arctic Rose

Her Greatgrandchildren:

CH Ardy's Frankly Franchesca

CH Jaron's RD Gideon Wai Tu Keih

CH Monogram Jaron Jasmine ROM*

AmCH/BIG Int'l CH/GW U-CH Jaron's Roma-Jo Morning Glory

AmCH/Int'l CH Jaron's Tham-B Shan Tiel-E

AmCH/Int'l CH/U-CH Jaron's Raja of Rushmar ROM*

AmCH/Int'l CH/MGW U-CH Jaron's Roma-Jo Koko Shen-L

AmCH/FinCH/Int'l CH/U-CH Jaron's Tham-B Bhai Rah Vahr

AmCH/Int'l CH/U-CH Jaron's Tham-B C-Keih Won

Her Greatgreatgrandchildren:

AmCH/U-CH Jaron's Choctaw Claire Voyant

AmCH/U-CH Jaron's Tham-B Xiang Xai

BISS AmCH/BIG Int'l CH/GW U-GRCH Jaron's Tham-B Nham Bieh Keih

BISS AmCH GCH/rBIS Int'l CH/MGW U-GRCH Jaron's Lamel Row'n Rajina

AmCH/BIS U-CH Jaron's Tham-B Sha Neelam

AmCH/GW U-CH Jaron's Tham-B Kandan

AmCH Romajo's Maybe I'm a Dreamer

AmCH/Int'l CH Neelam Golden Sami

AmCH Jaron's Romajo Puttin'on T-Ritz

AmCH/Int'l CH Jaron's Tham-B Dhandayutha of Ta Sen

Later Decedents:

MBIS Int'l CH/AmCH GCH Jaron's Romajo Ode to Egoiste(Grand Sieger Winner)

AmGCH Red Fox's Moonstruck for Jaron

BIS Int'l CH/BIS BrGCH/AmCH GCH Red Fox's Lucky, Strike it Jaron

MBIS Int'l CH/AmGCH Jaron's Tham-B Cheers to Monogram

AmGCH Jaron's Tham-B Hooray for Monogram

Abbie's Legacy Continues!!!